Top 3 Application of a Spy Audio Recorder

Have you ever dreamed of being the suave spy with a license to kill? It can almost come true with the spy audio recorder. Just the way James Bond uses the audio bug that allows him to secretly record conversations without anyone else suspecting it, you can also use a surveillance recorder for various purposes. Such recorders are not just restricted to detective applications. They may very well serve useful purposes in various types of circumstances. By clicking here we get info about  audio recorder
Applications of Spy Audio Recorder
Here are some of the areas in which a spy audio recorder could prove advantageous:
For Business Executives
• With the increasing number of fraud cases being reported by businesses around the world, an honest business executive finds it difficult to trust anyone. Many businesses that work on the partnership model have been witness to various forms of cheating and pilferage. This is where a spy audio recorder comes in handy. Many business executives use these gadgets in order to keep records of financial and other pivotal meetings. Also, during the most boring meetings, instead of keeping alert and taking notes, you may just use a recorder that resembles an ordinary USB device to take notes.
For Investigators/Lawyers
• Lawyers are professionals who really need gadgets like spy voice recorders. These devices not only help them keep track of proceedings, ideas, suggestions and more, they are also useful in collecting evidence. Similarly, investigators can back their findings with the help of audio evidence.
For Students
• Students who also work part-time can very conveniently use a spy audio recorder. Simply install it or carefully place it in the class room and use the recorded lecture to study over the weekend. Generally, micro audio bugs have the capacity of storing hours and hours of recordings, which can help students make better use of important classes. Although the best course of action is to remain alert in class, it is useful to also have a record of the lecture for studying at a later point.
For Security & Intelligence
There also is audio equipment that can capture sounds from a distance of up to 300 yards. These can prove useful for security and intelligence purposes, when there is a need to safeguard a specific perimeter.
All these applications of the spy audio recorder would only be possible if the gadget you buy is of good quality. Therefore, make sure that you research online regarding all available options and then choose a reputable dealer to make your purchase.

A Closer Look Into Kid Friendly Restaurants 

One of my favorite times of year is Restaurant Week. If you’re planning to participate or just need some tips about how to dine out with your toddler, here are some tips that should make the process go much smoother. Of course, if you are even reading this, I know that circumstances did not allow you to get a babysitter.

Have a Plan

Going to a nice restaurant (especially for dinner) with a toddler will work best when there is a plan in place. Trust me on this one. My family’s frequent travel lifestyle has allowed us to dine in some of the finest restaurants around the world. But no matter if we are dining in London, Bali, New York or Maui one thing remains the same, we always have a plan in place when dining with the little one. One way to do that is to peruse, the restaurant’s menu online ahead of time so that you can and get an idea of what you would like to order. This will save everyone time and help things run more smoothly.

Dine Early

It is not a good idea to schedule dinner when your little person is sleepy or hungry. Yes you read right. Give your toddler a small snack right before you get to the restaurant so that he or she is not famished waiting for your order to get to the table.

Request a Corner Table

Ask the restaurant host/hostess about getting a seat in a corner or away from most restaurant patrons if possible. Remember, although you were not able to secure a babysitter for your night out, you should try to be courteous to other restaurant patrons that are enjoying their night out. Your time will come.

Set the Rules

Be clear with your toddler about what the rules are early on. Set boundaries and enforce them. For example, keeping your little tike in the booster seat or high chair through-out the course of the dinner is a good rule to enforce. Not only will it keep small fingers out of other people’s food but, it really is not safe for an un-guided toddler to be walking around a restaurant anyway. Candle lit dinners, knives, hot plates and bustling servers can make the restaurant an unsafe place for a toddler to be.

Kids First

Even if the server attempts to take your order first before that of your little one, politely request that you need to order the food of your toddler first. Also indicate that you would like your child’s meal to be served as soon as it is ready. More polished servers will do this automatically; novices however, may need a little reminder. Remember, although many steakhouses and fine dining restaurants may not have kid’s menus, the chef is willing and able to prepare items like chicken fingers, pasta with sauce and other items upon request. You just need to ask.

Cut it Short

I hate to say it, but this is probably not the time to order the chef’s “special tasting or prix fixe menu”. A two course maximum is essential unless you are dining at a very kid friendly restaurants or your toddler is more patient than usual.

Come prepared

I always go to even the finest restaurants equipped with three things: a bib, a sippy cup, and a favorite book or quiet toy (such as a plush animal or book). In addition, do not forget to pack essentials like diapers, wipes, pull-ups etc if you don’t want any accidents.

Be Ready to Call it Quits

At the end of it all, you should be ready to signal for the check and a to-go container at a moment’s notice. As a parent, you will know when your toddler has endured enough of a “good thing”. When that time comes, appreciate it for what it was and head out the door…food in hand of course. Although I hope that you will not need these tips ( due to having a reliable sitter and back-up sitter on speed dial), following these pointers will make you a pro at dining out with your toddler in no time.